LA LUEUR” is a cosmeceutical product in the form of “Authentic Concentrated Serum” which penetrates down to the deepest skin layer. It was developed by experts with decades of experience in cosmeceuticals, utilising formulations and ingredients that meet and exceed international standards of quality and safety. The combination of the sophisticated extraction process, powerful concentrated natural extracts and advanced Swiss Technology makes LA LUEUR products the ideal solution for skin care and facial treatment.




Based on the Swiss Technology

Initiated and developed

LA LUEUR is an innovative range of cosmeceutical products created and developed by our team of research and pharmaceutical experts specializing in cosmeceuticals. They are committed to applying their years of experience to the creation of innovative solutions for sensitive skin problems and to helping customers achieve a new level of balanced skin health and vitality.


LA LUEUR offers the most effective products to successfully address skin problems and fulfill the needs of customers. Our team of experts has developed a special blend of intensive, high-performance natural extracts to create a unique line of all-in-one serum products that protect, promote, restore, rejuvenate and hydrate facial skin and eye areas through the daily application of two product formulas. Our goal is to provide customers with the benefits of leading-edge skin care advancements and provide visible, long-term results. 


Unique and sophisticated innovations

LA LUEUR’s serum has been rigorously developed through the combination of in-depth understanding of skin structure and advanced biotechnology. This allows for the most efficient nourishment and rejuvenation of both deep-layer and surface facial skin cells through high-performance, active ingredients. As a result, the highly concentrated serum products from LA LUEUR restore and regenerate the skin – providing a beautifully smooth, glowing and youthful-looking appearance.


The heart of LA LUEUR is the SYNERGISTIC EFFECT of carefully selected and formulated molecules of peptides interacting for optimal effect.


We are committed to upholding proper ethical standards in product development. This philosophy is also reflected in our business operations: we strive to provide consistent product reliability and efficacy to maintain customer confidence and ensure satisfaction.


Highly concentrated serum

LA LUEUR – a cosmeceutical product range in the form of “highly concentrated serum” that safely and effectively addresses skin problems, providing customers with striking, visible results.


We have continually initiated and developed high-quality product concepts through the innovative application of methodology as well as proven technology. This, in turn, enables our customers to achieve impressive results through regular use of our products.


Remark: Peptides are short strings of amino acids and are the building blocks of proteins, essential for our skin. As we age, our bodies produce fewer proteins, such as collagen and elastin, resulting in loss of skin elasticity, dull-looking skin and wrinkles.